Design Background

This project is located in the northwest corner outside Wuhan Third Ring Road, close to Central District. The property is a real estate for sales apartment, and the design scope of this project include the main corridor public space.

After comprehensive surrounding analysis, the design positioning pointed towards the customer group of Generation Z. The project design aimed to break the traditional setup that the apartment corridor was totally closed-off and separated the residences, and tried to rebuild a newly inclusive shared community space, establish the materialism, spiritual and emotional connection among the young residences. Creating an interesting neighbourhood community among displays and interactions which is suitable for the young residents who are eager to communicate and show themselves and aligning with the definition of the coliving concept – ‘Dream Land’.



Project Information

Project Name: LOD | Wuhan Dream Land Project

Architect/Company/Organization: La Living and Other People’s Rooms Design (LOD)

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Email Address:

Project Completion Year: 2021

Construction Area: 256㎡

Project Location: Northwestern junction of Hongtu Avenue and Jinyintan Avenue, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, Hubei

Project Participants

Chief Design Team :LOD | La Living and Other People’s Rooms Design

La Living and Other People’s Rooms Design (LOD)

Participating Partners:LOD Creative Director:Ann Yan | 严春岚 ;LOD Architectural Director:Yimei | 陈绮薇;

Project Manager: Billy | 许延彬;

Interior Design: Colleen Fan |范玉雯; Xenia |程骁;Asa |于昊民;GuoXiangQian | 钱国祥;Sean Xie | 解金玉; YuTingLi | 李宇婷;

Construction Drawing:Allen Fan  | 范建兴;Shi hao Cao|曹世浩;

Soft Decoration & Signage Design : 悦睿装饰工程(上海)有限公司

Photography:Shengyang Li | 李胜阳

Client: 武汉梦想特区实业发展有限公司

Architects from Hongkong Land:Chengxiao Li | 李成效;Fang Du | 杜芳


Collaborators:Hongkong Land

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