LOD is a multidisciplinary firm

based on concept design emotions

for enhanced user experience.


LOD is committed to design far beyond the known limits, because we are convinced there is a better world to be  natural, more reasonable and more beautiful!


Based on the idea of 5 elements & 5 senses and expand to colors and emotions respectively.

Design is linked to inspiration circle based on client’s interests and user’s emotions.

In essence, emotion is a critical link that impacts the perception of architecture by occupants.


LOD believe that as the world is rapidly developing we have the responsibility to create new machanisms for better designing our future; by integrating knowledge, local and specific, traditional and technological,in a way not yet foreseen. Globalisation, with its different aspects creats new riskd as well as opportunities. LOD is specifically created to build on the potentials of such challenge.


LOD is committed to design far beyond the known limits, because we are convinced there is a better world to be explored. A world more natu- ral, more reasonable and more beautiful. We feel deeply humble learning from nature and how emergent complexity can render beautifully simple and balanced solutions. We are convinced of the benefits of integrating architecture, science and art to overcome the current shortcomings. Our aim has always been to explore the relationship between form and feel- ings and for many years we have done extensive research in morpho- genesis and emotional response. Some of the results have been applied to our projects, which have been recognised with numerous prizes and publications. Others are currently been developed as products. Archi- tecture is all about how we feel within our surroundings.


Our design team based in Barcelona Spain, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong provide a full spectrum of design consultation services including branding, master planning, architectural and interiors design and Visual Identity system. Our completed projects include landmark buildings, hotels, mixed use developments, brand architecture located across Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing,Ningbo etc.

LOD was founded as an architectural experimental laboratory dedicated to exploring the relationship between form and function, architecture and urbanism, economics and sustainability.It creates an open platform for developing new ideas and designs through innovations and collaborations across different disciplines.

LOD committed to the culture inheritance and innovation, we explore and attempt to breakthrough in the space design, structure, material, economic, and environmental protection, etc.·


Founded as an architectural design laboratory, we have completed a series of projects for well-known developers,management enterprise and Internet companies in various innovative fields and industries. Through a creative approach and cross-disciplinary collaboration, we as brand architect build together with our Client an open platform for brand design, industrial strategic planning, spatial planning and product line research and development.

So far we have completed a series of different scale and function design projects, covering culture, residential, office, city planning, old building renovation, and many other fields.

Team is made up of diverse local designers with overseas architects, who build a new set of design practice mode.Diversified background gives us opening view and inclusive,and insight of local culture.