First Innovative Award-winning Female Architects Applies AI and Big Data for Community Building—Construction+Asia

The European Cultural Centre presents the biennale architecture exhibition with the title TIME SPACE EXISTENCE. An international group of 212 architects, artists, academics and creative professionals from over 51 countries are invited to investigate our relationship with space and time, re-envisioning new ways of living and rethinking architecture through a larger lens. Exhibition website:

The exhibition TIME SPACE EXISTENCE investigates the relationship between people, space and time. Through User Journey Map Installations, LOD will collect on-site data including people’s duration of stay, activities, density and movement. Collected data will then be analysed and represented as image projections. The data analysis will help inform architectural design and community planning decisions with AI technology.

Using AI and Big Data, behavior scenarios measured and space quantified

“Using AI and big data, behaviour scenarios can be measured and space can be quantified with activities and experience modules. We can better understand the four-dimensional interactions between People/Time/Space/Activity, thus providing blueprints for architectural design and community planning in the rapidly changing world,” said Yimei Chan, Design Principal of LOD. “Our architectural concept is based on enhancing users’ emotional experience. We have built LOD as an architectural design laboratory. Through innovative design thinking and cross-disciplines practice, we believe in holistic approach and the concept of integrated sustainability. Sustainability should not be limited to Environmental Sustainability but also Social Sustainability and Economic Sustainability.”

Amid the rapidly changing world, LOD is committed to continue to develop new innovative design solutions and sustainability concepts to the architectural design projects from different clients around the world. — Construction+ Online