Location & Neighbourhood

Located in the centre of Xuzhou City, the project stands a prominent position in Xuzhou, next to the scenic Yunlong Mountain and Yunlong Lake. Xuzhou is one of the most historical city in China. It has been served capital of dynasty and was home to famous politician and poet Su Shi. In one of his works he wrote, “Yunlong Mountain in its spring fashion, Crane Pavilion in sunset while Apricot blossom extends thirty miles far”. The project concept taken the Shanshui backdrop and apricot blossom design throughout the project incorporating the vast and poetic landscape into the interiors design.

Program Planning

Inspired by Citadines “Vibrant, Free, Lifestyle” Concept, the design build four programs around the core courtyard space: Culture Home base, Community coworking area, Gastro cafe & Restaurant and Well Fitness Club.

With half of the rooms are planned as Studio unit while the other half are 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units, there will be a Citadines lobby and a shared clubhouse with Somerset Apartment.

Materials and Colors

The design concept developed around five elements with different palettes applied to the various functional spaces. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth are expressed in terms of materials, colours and tones of spaces. Citadines lobby is furnished with light coloured natural volcanic stone for a warm earthy tone. Conference room and gym are both cladded with wood panels from floor, wall to ceiling. Lounge space has dark reflected metal panel cladding in contrast to the metal flower pedals and bookshelves are made with black stainless steel plates and bars. The kids space uses a blue water colour theme while the restaurant is filled with vibrant orange red glass panels and a mixture of artistic lighting and painting backdrop. The overall flooring is covered with light grey terrazzo tiles to create a consistent backdrop overall.

Landscape Courtyard concept

Utilizing the core courtyard for natural lighting and landscape extension to the public and functional space, there is a smooth transition from inside to outside all around the rooms. The conference room has three large pivot doors that open to the lounge space in addition to the courtyard view. The lounge space also functions has an extension of the conference room and an event space on its own, together with the courtyard. The gym and yoga room has full view to the courtyard landscape. The kids room has a playground area, a classroom for art and craft activity and also a private nursery room. There will be a cafe at the entry to the 200-seat restaurant. The restaurant will have x VIP rooms and will be directly accessible from outside. The apricot blossom is expressed as a series of custom-made aluminum metal pedals with lighting or mirror surface to mimid the vibrant landscape in the surroundings, and to connect to the history and culture of the city. Lighting installations at conference room and restaurants creates interesting artistic moments inside the room during different hours.


Maintaining the courtyard as the centre of the space, users have good orientation throughout the clubhouse and direct connection to Citadines and Somerset Lobbies. North side of the courtyard is directly connected to the conference room and gym while along east, west and south sides there will be corridor space around the courtyard for public access. There will also be a stair connecting the courtyard to the upper podium garden where users can enjoy.

Citadines Yulong Lake Service Apartment & Tujia Somerset Serviced Residence | Xuzhou China

Construction area: 288000㎡
Project completion date: 2020
Project Address: The north side of Yunlong Lake, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Lead design team:
LOD|Laliving and Opr Design
Participating Partners:
LOD Creative Director:Yimei Chan;
LOD Design Director:Ann Yan:
Project manager:Billy
Interior Design
Mila Joksimovic;
Kirill Gerasimov;
Santiago Fuentemilla;
Nelson Zambrano;
Andreia Neves;
Zuotu Zhang;
Huan Wang ;
Construction Drawing
Yong Mao;
Allen Fan;
Shi hao Cao;
Soft Decoration & Signage Design :
Yuhong Cai;
photographer:Shengyang Li;
Client: Xuzhou Runhua Real Estate Co., Ltd
Construction Party: Suzhou Suming Decoration Co., Ltd
Partner: Ascott Group

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